About Us

Who we are ?

Center has been established "Success Time" in Riyadh, as a going concern specialized in the management and regulation of the activities of various training, by a group of professionals with accumulated experience in the field of training and administrative management consulting. Programs aimed at the center of public and private institutions. Centre provides training and development services are the hallmarks of modern science in the fields of training and through selected experienced professional trainers and academics in the fields of development, social and administrative organization who are endeavoring, in addition to the areas of self-development.

We set out on our journey with God first and then our knowledge and capabilities, and the global expertise of information and means of development, seeking to give back; we are determined, God willing, on innovation not imitation, bearing in mind the practical training and service quote and apply everything that contributes to the enrichment of the intellectual and scientific and professional alike. In short, we are in Success Time we intend to start where others ended.

Our Goals

We look forward to/our goal is to provide outstanding services to contribute photographed sustainability with our partners in the industry (training and advisory centers) in our Renaissance and raised it by our clients training, development services, consulting and others.